Purple Moon is the name of the table that I sit at. I open up my crown and third eye chakras to the Goddesses above—the Goddess symbolized by the moon, and work with a variety of different Hindu Goddesses. They are very powerful presences and bring information from the divine directly to my clients.

I utilize a variety of tarot decks combined with either an aura reading, shaman reading, or rune reading. My goal is to provide you with holistic insights to the past, present, future, with information from the aura and your spirit animals.

Laura is a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner. She offers healing experiences long distance. Requires a thirty minute relaxation time on the client's side and Laura will email a detailed crystal aura analysis at the end of your session.

About Laura

I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. As a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit, I discovered that there is more to death than meets the eye. Experiencing souls as they left the body in death sent me on the journey I am now. After a decade of study, I want to share my understanding and awareness with others, because through knowledge we can adapt, heal, and join in life’s great adventures. I enjoy working with people from all ages and backgrounds. I'm here to help!